Neúspěšný ransomware útok

Neúspěšný ransomware útok… data obnovena zčásti ze zálohy… antivir zpomalil útok… neznámá možnost zcizení .. vzhledem k typu útoku ale pravděpodobné částečné zkopírování.

Texas’ ABCD Pediatrics recently began notifying its patients that their personal information may have been exposed when unidentified attackers infected its servers with ransomware.

On February 6, 2017, an employee noticed that a virus had begun encrypting the practice’s servers. The encryption process was slowed by the company’s anti-virus software, and ABCD’s IT company was able to take its servers offline and identify the virus as Dharma Ransomware, a variant of Crysis for which decryption tools are available.

“ABCD’s IT company reported that these virus strains typically do not exfiltrate (‘remove’) data from the server; however, exfiltration could not be ruled out,” the company said in a statement. “Also, during the analysis of ABCD’s servers and computers, suspicious user accounts were discovered suggested that hackers may have accessed portions of ABCD’s network.”

The IT company was able to remove the virus and all corrupt data from its servers, and successfully restored all affected data from a secure backup. “As a result, no confidential information was lost or destroyed, including protected health information,” the company said.